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Arcane Adventures is a 2015 Free-to-Play ROBLOX game by VetexGames, usually mentioned as VetexR. Only releasing as free a few months ago, the magic-based RPG takes place in a giant oceanic location with scattered islands. Players are free to explore the vast land on ships, talk to NPCs, complete quests, fight powerful bosses, find cool items and weapons, learn powerful attacks, and more, all while battling other players. It is the 3rd game in the Arcane Trilogy.

This Wiki is for assistance. It's not official, and is not in any way affiliated with VetexGames, or any of the mods of Arcane Adventures.

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  • Rash20000 adopted the wikia
  • New admins and moderators appointed
  • New Wiki Achievements added
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  • Wiki theme Revamped
  • Locked pages are being unlocked, and useless pages with "ye" written are being deleted
  • Previous owner blocked for 2 years for Vandalism and false information ~Rash20000
  • Wiki is much more active after being adopted

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